The secret book
of Harmony

By Anna Iourenkova

The unshown laws of life, human paradoxes
and a way to find equilibrium and harmony

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“… life is a chain of alternations of a periodic search for balance, a quick establishment of this equilibrium which can be stable only during a short period of time, followed by a disruption of this balance, then another search for an equilibrium in new conditions and so on till the end, like a dance which represents a series of postures interconnected by a harmonious transition from one to another, where each posture is able to remain stable only for a short sequence of time and needs to be followed by the next one which creates a movement, an evolution that we call: “ life”.” (pp.22-23)

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Dr Brice Lemaire: " A multi-talented woman is hidden behind this strange title.
As a writer, a poetess, a painter, but also a hypnotherapist, she explores the human soul and makes bridges between all these fields of studies.
This book talks about Life, in full acceptation, and examines the tiny frontiers between psychology, spirituality, and humanity.
As she analyses many evident paradoxes in our life, she discovers the truth behind reality, and this book gives us keys to understand our life and to change it.
Her personal thought in this original and deep exploration resonates in our spirits, and shows us a way to find harmony and peace. "


Ten years of work with people’s problems as a hypnotherapist and previous studies in psychotherapy and political science, my interest in different religions and philosophy and my personal life experiences made me develop my own thinking going beyond a classical university psychology and a way of seeing life. This book is divided into three big themes: “What psychology stays silent on”, “A missing truth in success stories”, “Another look at esoteric and spiritual questions”. Each theme is divided into several chapters, each one treating a separate subject representing my thoughts on a human being and life. In each chapter you will find one or several laws which rule our life and let us predict the consequences of our choices and acts.
Once understood and integrated, they let you find a dynamic balance in all fields of your life. The book may also be interesting and useful for psychotherapists or other therapists working with a human psyche, as well as for people engaged in the process of their self-development.


"Nobody is absolutely independent from others, even power in itself is a dependence as well as all others. The more we need to take power, the less we are empowered. This need shows that we can't live without it." (p.7)

"... on the eve of success we are deceived not to have what we had conceived. So we hurry up to fill the gap with a new summit to conquer without realizing the fact that we are caught in a vicious circle's trap unable to stop this eternally unsatisfying act. Soon we comprehend that the aim is a bait in life's play. What was supposed to be the end is a way. One aim is a means for another aim, which in its turn we convey, and so on until our last day." (p.10)

"We run after power or wealth to establish self-worth and safety. Behind a success we search for recognition expressive and hefty. Behind independence, from life's blows and others we try to find a protection. Whatever the aim is, we run to keep control through action. We run after health to escape from aging, dependence and death. We run after love's fulfillment since our first breath. From chaos, in control and order we search for a salvation. We look for safety to protect us from inner frustration. We search to be recognized to dare to recognize ourselves. In this way, through others, we think we deserve to give worth to our Selves. We think we need a self-worth to justify our presence on Earth. It's to find a meaning for life that all this questioning serves." (p.10)

"To compensate for this lack of love we search for being recognized by the crowd." (p.24)

"Life is rife with springs of happiness, we should switch between them with snappiness, taking the maximum from every one, appreciating what is won, what is done. Bliss is not a constant lasting feeling. Everything which lasts, tends to fade to disappear. Bliss is a myriad of appealing instants of ecstasy and jeer which here and there from life we are stealing." (p.44)

"The less we feel secure, self-confident and satisfied with our life, the more money we need. But the more anxious we are, the more we spend. We earn money to gain security, then we are afraid to lose it and this time we spend money to gain security." (p.56)

Table of content


What psychology stays silent on:

Goals and means
Dependence and independence
Power and fears’ links
Constancy and changes
Love, hatred and pardon
Betrayals’ reasons
A broken and a restored connection
Ego’s purpose
Pride’s origin and role
Expensive ingratitude
Happiness and a lack of it
Mind's structure and order
Importance and unimportance
Compatibility or incompatibility of self- confidence and society
Uniqueness and resemblance


A missing truth in success stories:

Poverty and wealth
Intelligence and genius
Universal patterns
Real functioning of attraction


Another look at esoteric and spiritual questions:

Conditional unconditional love
Similarity of attachment's schemes
Death, life and choice
Meaning of life
Two dancing mirrors
The biggest illusion
Life, karma and choice
Hells and paradises
Time and the absence of time
Time beads
Void and plenitude
Universal reflexivity
The darkness and the light
Annihilation and creation
Balance in motion

About the author

Anna Iourenkova is a certified practicing hypnotherapist, a painter, a video-meditation creator, a poet nominated for two Russian National competitions “Russian Heritage 2016” and “Poet of the Year. Debut 2016”. You can see more about her activities such as hypnotherapy, paintings, video-meditations on the website:

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